Atlantic Stars brand was born from a real passion for the 80’s; the founders of  Cristiano Martelli and Gian Luca Zucchelli, in a creative mood of nostalgic revival, gave life to these runnings that revive colors, shapes and the enthusiasm that revolutionized the fashion and lifestyle of those years.

The stylist Gian Luca Zucchelli wanted to reinvent the concept of running with all the details and the look of the 80’s but still using the artisan craftmanship used in Tuscany for the manufacturing of high-quality dress shoes.
One of the strengths of the Atlantic Stars is the color, from mint to fuchsia, from taupe to purple, ocher, sage, Klein blue, energizing and euphoric tones combine perfectly to give light to a lively and dynamic product, entirely Made Italy, in the Tuscan region.

The stars are the undisputed protagonists of these running sneakers: black, iridescent, or even phosphorecent enrich the shoes and make them immediately recognizable.

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